Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Move over Banana Bread, helloooo Banana Soft Serve!

Who needs banana bread when you can make this with ripe bananas?

And all you need are frozen banana pieces and a food processor! That's right, it's 100% fruit.

Well, I actually don't have a food processor so I made it with a KitchenAid blender, on the lowest speed stopping to stir the mix when it got stuck. The blender complained a bit by giving off a light burned motor smell, but the blender survived and I will be trying this again. You will be tempted to add a liquid, but don't. Serve immediately (or after freezing for five minutes). Of course, piping it out is optional.

But if my explanation seems too simple, you can get the recipe on Hillbilly Housewife or anywhere else your search engine takes you. And the search engine will take you to a bunch of variations, such as peanut butter, cocoa or berries...

Need I say that it's perfect for people who cannot have milk or dairy products? Well, I just did.

Until next time...


  1. Hey, I am naturopathic physician. There is a lot of good stuff on here.

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  2. Thank you for your comment. I am not giving out my email address at this time. I'll be happy to respond to public responses in the comments section (although you can see my response time is really slow).
    Best to you,

  3. Nice! I only recently checked out your blog, but have enjoyed the post and will be back to read more.