Monday, December 11, 2006


Welcome to Nurturing Notes. Well, I know the name is kind of plain, and even I have trouble spelling it, but I wanted to use “nurture” in my blog name because it captures what it is all about. You see, I am a mom of three wonderful children. But before that, I went to college to become a registered dietitian (or RD for short). That means that I am a food and nutrition expert who met specific criteria to earn the RD credential. I am not officially employed, but being a dietitian to me isn’t just a profession, it is very much a part of who I am (and so is being a wife and mother). So, the way I see it, my family is my employer, and I do my best to carry out the duties and principles I learned in the context of my home and other people I come in contact with.
With the internet, we are bombarded with so many messages about health and nutrition that it can be tiring, if not confusing, to sort through all the messages and make the right decisions for our health. So here I am, branching out from my home to the blogosphere to share with you some of the things I have learned about healthful eating, and how to nurture it in yourself and your loved ones, especially the little ones.


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  2. Hi Renata, I think I sent you a personal email but wasn't sure if it was your email. We talked a while back about BF and RD requirements. I have a question but can't figure out how to send this privately.
    Thanks, Tamara

  3. Greetings, Fellow Mommy!

    I am in need of some good old fashioned social networking.

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