Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the Age of the Dinosaurs and other funny things the kids have said this week

Scene 1 - J, 6 years old, and I are looking at the dinosaur exhibit page of our local zoo's website.

J: They have dinosaurs at the zoo?

Me: They're not real dinosaurs. They are just what they think dinosaurs looked like. People don't really know exactly how dinosaurs look because they have never actually seen one.

J: Has Grandma seen a dinosaur?

Me (trying to keep a straight face): No, she hasn't.

J: Well, wasn't she born back then?

Me (still with a straight face): No, she was born long after

J: But she's old isn't she?

(I did good and didn't burst into laughter!)

Scene 2 - At the dinner table. A, 4 years old, is quizzing me about meal times.
(on a side note, A often reminds me of Merry and Pippin - the hobbits from the Lord of the Rings - when talking about second breakfast. I think we have had a similar conversation before)

A: Mom, is it breakfast, then a morning snack, then lunch, then an afternoon snack, then dinner?

Me: Yes.

A: What comes after dinner?

Me: Dessert.

A: You mean it's Thanksgiving?

(come to think of it, the funniest things this boy talks about revolves around food)