Monday, December 11, 2006

What Nurturing Notes is and is not

IS: a personal blog
IS NOT: an academic exercise
IS: a means to interact with people and exchange thoughts and ideas
IS NOT: A platform to argue and debate your point of view to the point of "beating a dead horse"
IS: A source of sound, nutritional information
IS NOT: a free, personalized nutrition service

I may add to this list as more comes to mind.

Remember, I do have a lovely husband, three children (ages 4 and under) and a roof over my head, so my life doesn’t revolve around this blog, but I hope I can post something once a week. Obviously, I am unable to field personal, specific questions, but you are more than welcome to suggest a topic for me to cover in the future.
Moreover, any thoughts written here are simply my own thoughts and does not replace the personalized advice and care of a Registered Dietitian or any other medical professional.

Oh, and I’m not responsible for typographical and/or grammatical errors ;-)


  1. Hi Renata - Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm a beginner as you can see. I hope to learn a few things from Andrea when I come visit. Who knows we might not get to do any of this since she'll be so busy with the new baby. She's so good at this blogging. I enjoyed reading this post. As far as knitting goes; I do recommend it. It's a great activity to reduce stress and the joy you experience after creating something is wonderful. Our library has a Stitch In group. Maybe you can check out to see if a library in your area has one too. I just started a blog at my library: Come and visit that one too.

  2. Hi Renata,
    I was wondering how in the world my mom found your blog haha. I see you've been to hers :-D

    I look forward to reading yours more and possibly learning something from another lazy blogging mom such as myself, teehee!

    If you need any blog help to customize things let me know. Im a champ blogger.

    See ya!