Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mom's (or dad's) Infamous Sayings

I really don't recall my mom having any infamous sayings, but I have friends who do. Anyway, I am starting to come up with some to use on my own kids. The latest one is:

"We don't serve whine here."

What are some of your favorites?


  1. ugh dont you hate whine :-)
    my verification word is titz lol!

  2. L'erba voglio non cresce neanche nel giardino del re.

  3. Thanks Mael, but could you please enlighten us? You know those online translators don't work well.

  4. "Be very careful of those French men"... oh wait... that was my wife's saying.

    I honestly can't remember any of my mom's sayings. I'll ask her.


  5. Sorry ... I did not check back ... bad blog etiquette.

    The "I want" grass does not even grow in the king's garden.

    Driving home the point that it should be "I wish", not "I want".

    BTW - it's an Italian saying.

  6. Thanks Mael. I might try that one on my kids too :-)

  7. My whining one is "Do you want a little cheese to go with that whine?" Another favorite of mine is to say to my kids "And yet, you live!" when they are complaining about something, just to make the point that it hasn't killed them yet.