Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How to save on groceries

I'll write about this topic in a personal way later, but I thought maybe someone would want to know about a special for an ebook called Supermarket Savings 101. I just got my copy last night and have only skimmed through it to see what it's like. It looks promising (although I have not looked at it from a nutritional quality perspective, I'm sure the principles can apply to any eating habit). The author piloted (i.e. tried it out on others first) it so I think it gives it more credibility. Anyway, why not save money on groceries? Maybe then the filet mignon will fit in your budget (if you love it that much). The price today is $11.97, tomorrow it will be $3 more until it reaches full retail of $17.97 on Friday. There are other ebooks thrown in the bundle too.

By the way, I did not sign up to be an affiliate, so I don't get any money for sharing this with you. But if you want to do that, there are instructions on her site. I am using the Frugal Homemaker Plus blog's referral site, since I found out about it there.

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