Monday, June 9, 2008

The heat is on... (and my stove is off)

So I survived the winter in Northeast Ohio, but it turns out that the summer will be a bigger challenge.

Most homes here (including ours) do not have air conditioning and for the past few days, our minimum kitchen temperature is about 85 degrees (farenheight). Needless to say, baking pizza in a 500 degree oven is out of the question, and cooking anything else is not appealing to me right now.

So I have to make a meal plan that uses the grill, crockpot and microwave more (or no cooking at all). I feel like I'm starting all over. Any suggestions???

(By the way, don't forget the poll on food costs)


  1. Well, knowing your husband, I would suggest sacrificing a burnt offering to the Lord (grilling) every night.


  2. Thanks Alan, We will certainly use your suggestion :-)
    I wonder what we could grill for breakfast????

  3. Alan,

    Who knew you were such a prophet? Witnesses will tell you that a pillar of cloud has been seen over our yard on several occasions recently. ;)