Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perfectly cutout cookies

Ever made cutout cookies only to have them spread out so much they don't resemble the cookie cutters you used at all? The reason for this is there is too much shortening or too little flour in the recipe. In my case, I didn't put enough flour in. I was modifying a recipe to be gluten-free and thought the amount of flour looked right. I plan to post the recipe later on.

Anyway, here is my solution:

Right after pulling the cookies out of the oven, press the cookie cutters back into the baked cookies. You have to act quickly, but it works pretty well.

The scraps are just as tasty, and can be added in a parfait, if they last that long.

I read this comment on the recipe for the Best Rolled Sugar Cookies at

Put a sheet of baking parchment (now easily found in grocery stores) on my cookie sheet, then ROLL THE DOUGH OUT DIRECTLY ON THE PARCHMENT-LINED COOKIE SHEET. After making the 'cut-outs', appropriately spaced on the dough, I PEEL AWAY THE EXCESS DOUGH from around and between the 'cookies' and bake as directed. The parchment helps keep the bottoms of the cookies from getting too dark, eliminates any need for greasing the pan, allows you to remove the cookies from the sheet by simply sliding the parchment carefully off the side (which is especially helpful with extra large or delicate cookies), and CAN USUALLY BE REUSED IN BAKING THE REST OF THE COOKIES. I have also rolled dough out on the parchment without having it on the cookie sheet, done the cutting and trimming, and then slid the parchment onto the sheet for baking, which helps when you're short of cookie sheets -- the next batch is ready to pop into the oven as soon as the first comes out.

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