Friday, August 29, 2008

The case of the prickly cucumbers... solved

As I have never grown cucumbers before, I don't know how they are really supposed to look. I bought seedlings from a local nursery and I don't know if it said what variety it was.

Well, they are bumpier than what I would expect and they had these little pricks on them. So, although one looked big enough to harvest, I didn't know what to do about those pricks. How was I going to eat a prickly cucumber without peeling it? Well, after asking the local master gardener about it (he really didn't understand my question), I decided to just go ahead and harvest my cucumbers with the pricks still on them.
As I was holding the cucumber, I found the solution to my case:

The pricks rub right off.

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  1. Those pricks surprised me, too! I just 'washed' them off when I washed the cucumbers.