Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm a spam blogger?!

I believe my blog was flagged for "innapropriate content" and now I have to use word verification to save drafts and publish posts. After having this blog for almost 2 years and 140+ posts later, someone has decided there is something indecent about what I write.

My goodness, I average about 20 hits a day. Give me a break! It's not like I'm shaping the thoughts of the entire world!

I had this happen to my infant feeding blog, but I figured it was because I used the word "breast" in it too much and some search bot decided it was probably a spam blog. I requested a review and they "cleared" me in what seemed no time.

The nice thing is that the word verification turns off the auto-save feature, which often causes me more problems than not. The problem is that now they have accumulated all the word verifications that are most unidentifiable so that I have to try about three times before I can save a draft. And blogger seems to be taking much longer at reviewing this blog for appropriateness than they did with my other blog. Maybe it's because I post more often here that it seems like they are taking longer.

Well, now that I've said this, I bet blogger will read this now and drag this out a little longer. Please don't. I'm sorry. I haven't been trying to do wrong. Really.


  1. How crazy!! I get so much unhindered spam and here you are perfectly innocent. Stinks doesn't it? lol

    thanks for your encouragement on my blog..It meant the world to me my friend!

  2. Renata face it.. you are just very vulgar in your speech :-)


    I said porn, sex, slut and I think a few more on my blog .. its been flagged.. I THINK. I have no clue. But it was all in good context..

    Funny tho I get the most heat out of stupid things like "I threw my cat outside"

    or "I use a booster seat" HAHAHAHA

  3. Oh, how annoying!!! I apologize for not visiting as often as I'd like -- problem is, I have been sorely in need of updating my blogroll for AGES now... Desculpe aí, tá bom?

    I hope this whole spam blog thing goes away quickly.