Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some memorable valentines day moments

I am pretty random at celebrating Valentines Day. But when I do, it is usually something pretty silly. There have been some other memorable moments on this day, so why not write them here?

1996: A friend of mine felt sorry for me when he heard no one sent me a valentine. When I got home, I was met by a dozen ascii roses like this: @>-->--
... we've been married for 10 years now.
1998: Strung hearts off of the ceiling and wrote fun things on them. Played John Paul Young's "Love is In the Air" upon entering the room.
2002: One of the most fun valentines day was when I made heart-shaped cheeseburgers and played the cheeseburger song from veggie tales as my husband walked through the door.
2003: We ate Gyros at a small Greek "restaurant" (there are maybe thee tables), while watching the line to get in the Italian Restaurant next door.
2004: My 14 month old son started walking across the room, and even mumbled "I Love You".
2006: I was 4 months pregnant with my third child, and I hadn't felt her give me a real kick yet. On this day, while talking to my friend Margaret. I said, "I'm wondering if I should be concerned". Right then the baby kicked! Many times, and didn't ever stop!
2008: My sister-in-law presented Stan and me with a reservation at a local Brazilian restaurant.
2009: Yesterday, my 6 year old made a valentine after storytime and gave it to Ms. Anne, the children's librarian. Today my two year old presented us with a stomach virus!


  1. Thanks :-)

    I miss you too Nicole :-)

  2. OH no on the tummy virus. Hope she feels better soon..and what a cute post, not sure I remember any valentines days.

  3. Thanks Donna,

    All of us except J has it right now. We're hanging in there.

    As for Valentines day, it doesn't really matter to me whether we do something fun or special. I'll do something if I'm up for it, but there's no pressure. We know our love for one another and sometimes it is to love a sick child, or removing the requirement for a loved one to "perform" for us.