Friday, April 17, 2009

I reached my first steps goal today!

... and I finally put up the widget to track my progress.
My current goal is to average 7500 steps a day. I hope that I will be consistently at that level within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Then I'll increase it to eventually get to 10,000 steps.
The last two days, I have been at about 58% of that goal, but today was beautiful and we took the kids to a park to ride their bikes. When I thought I'd be done for the day, I only had about 150 steps to reach my goal! It really encouraged me to get up and do those little things I would have otherwise done tomorrow or had my kids do for me. And then I ended up moving about more because while I was getting those steps in, I decided to sort through a box of books a generous friend gave us.

It will be another beautiful day tomorrow. I have been looking forward to the warmer weather, but I have some studying to do. But with that in mind, I think a walk will be a good way to take a break. We also will be having a simple Easter meal with our family. We opted for this weekend because we had just recovered from the flu last weekend. (Well, I didn't get the flu, but I still needed to recover, lol!). But it appears that my friend Alan suggested something similar :-)

Have a great weekend. Now off to sleep.

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