Monday, July 23, 2007

Say What?

Welcome to the July Carnival of Breastfeeding. This month's theme is "The things they say." There are plenty of strange and misinformed statements about breastfeeeing, but some are downright funny. So I have joined with other bloggers (linked below) to share some of those things.

My contribuiton involves one of my husband's brothers (good thing he has 2 brothers to keep this anonymous, ha ha). My mother-in-law enjoys telling this one:

"My cousin had car trouble so we went over to her house so my husband could take care of her car. When I got there I had stomach trouble so I handed her the 5-6 month old baby and went to the bathroom. I was in there quite a while and the baby started crying. My 3 year old son told my cousin to nurse her, but she answered she couldn't because she had nothing to feed the baby with. He then replied, 'You have breasts, don't you?'"
Links to other carnival stories (updated throughout the day):

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And, of course, you can share with your comments too.


  1. hahaha. :) spoken like a true expert. :)

  2. Love the indignant tone! Great story.

  3. Well said! That is what they are for!

  4. Kids are smart! You got em'...use em' lady! LOL!

    Hey, I'm giving away a set of Breastfeeding Advocacy Note Cards this week on my blog. Come on by to enter by leaving a comment! Good Luck.

  5. :-)
    According to my MIL, "this was an older cousin, like my mom's age!"

  6. As a former Carnival of Breastfeeding participant, I thought you might be interested in participating in the Breastfeeding and Mothering group for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo - November). Couldn't find your email so here's the link: