Sunday, November 25, 2007


I could probably eat ham and turkey sandwiches for a week (sometimes grilled, yum!). But sometimes, I try to make meals from leftover ham and turkey. Some of the things I have made in the past are:

  • turkey pot pie
  • turkey and/or ham fried rice
  • split pea soup with ham (using the ham bone)
  • ham and cheese omelets
  • curried turkey salad
  • ham and pineapple pizzas
  • triple corn casserole with ham

I'm sorry I don't have any recipes for these (maybe for some of them), but I improvise. If you want an idea of what I put in it, let me know.

Any other suggestions? I am also trying to figure out how to reinvent the collard greens and cornbread dressing (stuffing).

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