Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess what???

Thanks to Hanna at This Garden is Illegal, the plants I originally had thought were strawberries are actually:


I felt so stupid when I looked at it last week and saw it in other parts of my yard, that I thought for sure I had been mistaken. I should have looked up pictures of strawberry leaves on the internet instead of poison ivy and such.

Hanna has written about strawberries on her blog.

Thanks again Hanna!


  1. I knew they look familiar.
    We have a few around that don't produce much, or the squirrels get them.

  2. Yeah, I am concerned about that too. I'll have to ask my landlord if she got any last year. I figure if I leave the other parts, then maybe there will be enough to go around. Wishful thinking as I have NO CLUE!