Sunday, April 13, 2008

This week in review...

This is a quick one as there haven't been as much buzzing around in the nutrition world. I think there may have been some noteworthy posts, but they can wait until next week. Some that come to mind I really want to comment on them and that takes more time.

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Anyway, here are some things that have been going around here:

I painted a wall border in the boys room. I wanted to take winnie the pooh out and give them something they could claim as theirs. It took 6 months to remove the older border and paint it, but now it's done! I would have put up other borders but I couldn't find any that were thick enough, cheap enough, or that coordinated with the existing colors. I found some peel and stick sports stickers on clearance at Target and used that instead. Painting can be a pretty good workout. the rolling can work your upper body, the squatting works the thighs, and then if you run up and down the steps to turn circuits on and off so you can paint around the outlets you can get some cardio workout in too (can you tell how sedentary I am?). Oh, and the reason why I even mentioned this is because my 5 year old was so excited about it, he wanted to sit in the room and watch the paint dry. I chuckled and explained to him that people say that when they are bored, but he said, "but I'm not bored". He really wanted to see the paint dry. I didn't let him because I know that would mean he would be touching it every minute to test if it had dried.

For the most part, the kids have been really good, but I am noticing some new trends that I need to figure out how to best deal with them. The boys are getting competitive about everything. I know that's normal, but it would be nice if the three year old didn't scream bloody murder every time we get back from an outing, just because he wants to get to the back door first.
And this morning they ganged up on their little sister and started chanting "stupid N" because apparently she wasn't playing with the blocks and trains their way. Granted, she's not even 2, so she doesn't realize what they are saying, but they need to understand why this is wrong. Where do people get the idea that children are so innocent???

That's all I can think of for now. I really need to get some sleep. I've had a rough 2 nights and I need to keep getting up before the kids. It has made such a difference to my day. Oh yeah, I said I'd write a separate post about that, didn't I. Maybe next week :-)

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  1. my children are the most innocent and perfect babies ever. how dare you think otherwise ;-)