Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cutting corners: Chunky Meatballs

One of my boys loves meatballs. Although it isn't hard to make, it can be time consuming so we haven't had meatballs in a while. Lately, he has been requesting meatballs pretty frequently, but when I go to the store I always look at the meatballs there but I can't get past the sodium content and the fillers in them (that don't like some of us). And it really isn't that hard to make. So I set off to find a solution online to make the process a bit faster. I came across a suggestion on a forum to put the meatball mix in a pan, bake until firm, then cut into squares. When you add the squares to the sauce, the corners break off and become meat balls. I figure it was worth a try.

The result: it wasn't as neat as meatballs. They were pretty chunky, but they tasted the same and my little boy didn't care about the shape. He still called them meatballs. So now meatballs are back on the menu.

Oh, and I had to include this video, which I also found during my web search: Note you can't do this with chunky meatballs :-)

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