Sunday, May 11, 2008


I hope to spend the day having fun with my kids, as that is something I wish I had more time for. I hope all mothers reading this have a great day. But it's not about today, it's about making the most of each day.

To my mother (if she ever reads this): Thanks for helping me see my children as children, not little people who are supposed to act grown up. I am able to laugh more with my kids because even though you can't see them all the time, I can imagine your laughter and smiles when you recieve a drawing of a wilted daffodill and when the toddler is between my legs playing peekabo with her brother while I am trying to do dishes :-)

To the mothers who are struggling because they don't measure up to their own standard of what a "good" mother is. Let me remind you that God knows your heart, both the good and the bad, and has chosen you to care for your child(ren). By His grace, and the power of the Holy Spirit, He is powerful to lead, guide and forgive when you fall short. The same goes for those who are facing challenges with their kids. "So we must not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up." (Gal 6:9)

I am also glad to know of mothers for whom this is their first year celebrating mother's day as a mother. Many of whom have waited years for a child. I rejoice in seeing how the impossible has become possible in your lives. Have a wonderful day, you have waited so long to call it yours!

And for those whose arms are wanting of a child, whether through infertility or loss. I also grieve with you. May God grant you peace and comfort during this time.

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