Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anybody out there?

I just found out that I didn't miss National Delurking Day this year!

I have mixed feelings about this imposition on you, but will you let me know you are reading? Especially if I know you in real life? I will still keep writing as I always have, but it's nice to know every now and then who actually reads this.

And then don't forget to read today's actual blog post if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading, whether you delurk or not.


  1. I'm reading! It's wonderful to keep in touch with you again. Thanks for your honest perspective on the various topics you reflect and write about.

  2. I drop by from time to time ...

  3. Hey Anna and Mael,

    I had written a comment back, but just now I realized it hadn't posted. Thanks for delurking and saving me from utter embarrassment :-)

    But seriously, I appreciate your friendship.

  4. De-lurking here too! When i have time, you know how it is!