Thursday, January 28, 2010

Talk to your kids about drugs...

...and what they tell you might surprise you.

My 7 y.o and I were going through his spelling list, with the word "drug" being one of them. As always, I asked him what he thinks the word means. He didn't know this one so I explained to him that a drug is another name for medicine. Then I proceeded to explain that drug is also a word for something that someone takes to feel good, but instead of helping their bodies, it can mess them up.

To which he eagerly responded, "like chocolate?"

Disclaimer: This post isn't intended to make light of the anti-drug campaign. I take that advice to heart and this is why this story came about. All ideas from my seven year old are of his own and does not necessarily reflect the position of his mother. :-)

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  1. Ha! He is exactly right though. I remembered I had one of those big Hershey's kiss leftover from Christmas somewhere tonight and I TORE the pantry apart looking for it. I finally found it and starting chiseling away like mad. Definitely a bit of an addiction there :)