Thursday, January 14, 2010

To Be... Continued

Now that I have some hands free time (that unfortunately can't be devoted to sleep), I would like to follow up on my earlier post about being vs. doing.

Because even though the idea of writing "to be" goals was very profound, actually figuring out how to do it is another story.

But to start, I wrote down all the things that compose who I am. For example, I am a child of God, a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a blogger, a dietitian, etc.

Then I wrote down some adjectives that I would like to describe myself, such as "gentle, loving, accessible, etc."

I also made a list of descriptions that I feel are good things, but compete with other more important things. "Efficient" is one of them.

I didn't want to focus on what I don't want to be, but it still kept coming up. So to ease my mind, I made a list that included things like "short tempered". But it does help, because I can identify the things that influence them, as well as find the antonym to them.

I don't know where this will all take me, but it is good to make that reflection. Now I am praying for wisdom to discern what matters most. So, this list isn't going to come together quickly. It may take all year and even a lifetime to refine.

So be it.

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