Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do you let your kids help you in the kitchen?

As much as I believe in including kids in the cooking process, I think I end up limiting their involvement more than encouraging it. While doing research for my cooking classes, I got inspired to change that. How much you let your kids do. And how old are they?


  1. oh gosh... have u seen our kitchen? small as a closet.. i dont let me kids help at all unless its something like "put your plate in the sink" or "pick up those cherrios u just dropped all over"

    id love to teach caleb to do dishes once he is able.. but as of now its just better for my sanity to have them out of the kitchen if all possible.

  2. That's funny Drea, because I always think of your blog posts of your kids cooking with you (before you had this tiny kitchen). I have seen a picture of your tiny kitchen and it is very tiny, but you probably could have them put some things together on the other side of the counter (technically outside the kitchen) and then you wouldn't be bumping into them. Just a thought.