Friday, March 27, 2009

No More Hunger on the Horizon

This is the view from my grandmother's house in Belo Horizonte (which literally means Beautiful Horizon) in Brazil.

Yesterday, my husband showed me an article called The City that Ended Hunger featuring this very city's initiatives to improve access to food by partnering with local farms.

This news article speaks close to my heart because it directly benefits some of my extended family.
“We’re showing that the state doesn’t have to provide everything, it can facilitate. It can create channels for people to find solutions themselves.”
May it happen here too.


  1. That reminded me when I was a teacher in Brasila (1968...). The soup offered to the kids was so delicious that I think it is impossible to make it at home. There was a campaign, each child could bring some vegetable if they had, and the meat or bones were donated by the butchers. I tell you, that was the only meal some kids had during the day. The ones who had what to eat at home did not like the soup. You know how some kids do not like soup.

  2. Thanks Mum. I like it when all people are able to contribute somehow, but not leaving out those who can't. When everyone takes part, it is more meaningful to all. But maybe I'm being an idealist...