Saturday, March 15, 2008

Define healthy food

OK, it's time to hear from you. Everyone has their own idea of what healthy is. So, how would you define healthy food? What comes to mind when the topic of healthy food is brought up? How do you determine something is healthy or not?

I'm all ears...


  1. For our family, healthy food is eating "whole foods" - food as close as possible to the way nature made it. We also consider eating healthy to mean eating a well-rounded meal each time we sit down together - a fruit, a veggie, a meat & a starch. Ed & I adopted this attitude before we had children, and now we are so thankful that it is a habit for us as we try to feed our son well and teach him good eating habits.

  2. Oh boy, my definition is a lot different than the conventional view of "healthy". In a nutshell, we go for a diet high in natural fats, moderate in animal based protein (though it may actually look high to some), and very low in sugars/starches.

    I try to view food, diet, and nutrition through a "paleo history lens" with one eye, and the other eye on regional cuisine considerations, aka "slow food". I also keep an eye on seasonality and locality.

    Modern industrial, fractionated, and "improved" foods are playing an ever smaller role in my family's diet. More and more I am preparing food with a simple, peasant "hearth style".

  3. i would really like to know the definistion of healthy foods.
    it would be a big help to me and my research. i have looked everywhere for the answer but nothing has come up.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I have recently come across a definition for healthy diets in Marion Nestle's book, Food Politics (page 5). Copy and paste this link:,M1