Thursday, March 6, 2008

A renewed passion...

Nutrition and health is part of my life. I'm not saying I eat really well all the time, (I probably don't eat as well as you may think), but many things I think and (try to) do are influenced by my beliefs about nutrition and health. I believe wellness is a lifestyle, not a diet or a number on a scale. I believe in the benefit of a child learning healthy habits early in life. I believe in breastfeeding. Maternal and child nutrition is really a specific area of interest in me, but there is another part of that interest that has been renewed as of late, and it is probably one that I am most passionate about: Living well on a limited income, and I'm not just talking about frugality here.

It's late and I really should be asleep, so if you'd like to have a glimpse of what's been dominating my thoughts in the past week and possibly learn more about me (and the primary reason I pursued a Master in Public Health degree), then read the post and discussion on What to Eat Blog.

This has reminded me how much I really want to move away from just thinking and start working this out with real people (i.e. my community).

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  1. Renata,
    I just wanted to say that this is one of my biggest struggles right now, so any advice you have on eating healthily on a very small budget is very helpful! I've learned a lot from you blog; thanks!
    Meagan DeLong