Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Part of being a kid...

One of my boys just passed gas loudly and I instructed him to say, "Pardon me."

Instead, he said "It's just part of me."

(You might have to say the italicized part aloud to really understand what I think is so funny.)


  1. Margaret and I couldn't stop laughing when we read this. I'm sorry that I haven't called you back yet. I'm feeling better, but Margaret is sick now. I'll try to call in the next couple of days.


  2. Well, I'm glad you were able to "get" it. I'm not always good at telling funny stories and when I proofread it, I wasn't sure if it would make any sense.
    No problem about calling back. I know what it's like to be recovering from illness. I hope the laughter was good medicine for you and Margaret. I have another story to tell you about A referring to Margaret. Remind me when we talk on the phone.