Saturday, March 8, 2008

Well, maybe this wouldn't be a good idea after all...

I got all excited when I read Parke Wilde's maple sugaring account, because we have three maple trees. I love maple syrup, and to realize I could get some from my front and back yard was a nice revelation.

Well, after looking at some instructions from OSU Extension, I realized the tree in the back yard would be too small for that. The two in the front are much bigger and would be quite suitable. But then the thought came to me: WWNT (what would the neighbors think)?

OK, we've only been here a few months and haven't gotten to know our neighbors yet. It's almost impossible to get to know anyone here in the winter, but one introduced himself to my husband today while he was shoveling snow. And he offered to loan us his tools if we needed them. That would be cool, since we would have to drill a hole in the tree. But I don't think this neighbor had this in mind when he was talking to my husband:
Anyway, after further reading about the maple sugaring process, this does not seem like it is one that can be done on a whim. Hopefully, we'll make it to the free demonstration at the metroparks next weekend.

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